Washing Machines

A natural descaler – Pour a cup of vinegar into the empty drum, put onto a boil wash. Do this every four weeks for a tip top machine.

Always leave the door ajar when not in use.

Pin colour catchers to a face towel. This prevents the sheet getting stuck in the pump.

Oversized loads will throw the machine off balance and that will lead to problems.

Ovens and Hobs

To prevent grease build-up, clean the oven interior three to four times a year.

Spills and drips should be removed as soon as possible, as they will smoke and may eventually catch fire. Avoid detergent/soap use inside an oven for both self-cleaning and non-self-cleaning ovens. – only use warm water

Door cleaning – Keeping the front panel, window, and outer door glass clean is important because it prevents spills from staining the panel or glass when it heats up during oven operation. Only clean the front when your oven is completely cool. For spills on the front panel that are tough to remove, use a heavy-duty degreaser.

Smooth electric stove tops – If a heavy spill occurs, use a razor scraper to remove large food deposits. Apply a hob top cleaner. Polish with a soft cloth.


Unplug the oven, then clean the inside with warm water or a solution of dish detergent and water. Use a damp sponge to clean up spills as soon as possible.

Do not use abrasive cleaners or oven cleaners on a microwave oven, because it damages the casing.


Clean the dishwasher filter weekly – This prevents food waste that has become trapped in the filter ending up back on your dishes. The outer metal filter just needs rinsing with hot water.

For hard water areas, top up with dishwasher salt and rinse aid on a monthly basis. Salt stops limescale building up, and softens the water – dishwasher detergents only work effectively in soft water. Rinse aid helps dishes to dry without streaking. Most dishwashers have indicators showing when to top up both.

Remove and clean the dishwasher spray arm – every six months. Blocked spray arms can lead to unsatisfactory dishwashing. Remove the spray arms, clear the holes of any blockages, and rinse under a tap

For a tip top dishwasher, run it empty on hot every two months. The hot water will help remove any food residue which can build up and lead to nasty odours. This is particularly important if the eco program on the machine is used frequently, because these programs use cooler water, build-up of food residue is more common.

Tumble Dryer

Clean dirt/dust off the lint filter (this should be carried out every time the dryer is used).

The area around the lint filter will accommodate dust overtime. Every three months use a vacuum cleaner to clean this area.

Condenser Dryer

Remove the condenser unit and run under clean water to remove any dirt or hair build-up. (This should be carried out regularly).

Empty the water reservoir after each load.